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Hotel Questions »
What is the star rating you are looking to stay in? 5 star
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3 star
A flat surface to sleep on and four walls.
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Are you here to meet other singles? Yes No
Are you looking for any of the following food options at your hotel? Hotel Buffet
Hotel Cafe
Hotel Chef
Hotel Food Court
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Do you tip your cleaning lady? Yes No
Do you mind sleeping on floors? Yes No
Have you ever slept in an elevator? Yes No
Do you plan to sleep? Yes No
When you have to vomit, do you prefer to vomit in the: Toilet
Nearest empty beer can
Do you take hotel soaps and shampoo? Yes No
Would you ever use a bathroom phone? Yes No
Show Questions »
Do you know what "Cirque du Soleil" means? Yes No
Do you want to see one anyway? Yes No
Are you interested in seeing flesh without shelling out dollar bills? Yes No
Are you into sequins? Yes No
Do you wear sequins? Yes No
Are you into pasties? Yes No
Are you looking for a good laugh? Yes No
Do you want to see something disappear besides your cash? Yes No
I prefer my magic shows where the magician... is traditional.
is a mute.
is a douchebag.
is a German Sprockets dude.
sweeps me away to a Caribbean island against my will.
Do you like getting wet during a show? Yes No
Do you mind salty language? Yes No
Do you like being verbally assaulted from the stage? Yes No
Do you like giant props? Yes No
Do you like topless women/men but prefer not to touch them? Yes No
Burlesque is... A growth on a tree trunk.
Vintage-inspired tasteful strip-tease.
A way to get your wife to go to a semi-nude show by making it
sound classier than a strip club.
Do you like impersonations? Yes No
Do you like impersonations of people who died before you were born? Yes No
Could you tell the difference between the real ABBA and an ABBA tribute band? Yes No
Tour Questions »
Are you interested in the Neon side of Vegas? Yes No
Want to see a big canyon that doesn't bear a free drink? Yes No
Want to take a Dam tour? Yes No
Are you afraid of flying? Yes No
Do you want to get wet and wild off the strip? Yes No
Want to scratch something off your bucket list? Yes No
How do you feel about five-hour bus rides through Arizona? Yes No
Club Questions »
Which shoes are you bringing on this trip? Shiny Shoes
Who would you rather see live? Steel Panther
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Garth Brooks
Kid Rock
Are you looking to meet a one-night stand? Yes No
Do you just want some place to dance the night away? Yes No
Can you handle a pink drink or are you a beer connoisseur? Pink Drink
Beer Connoisseur
Do you understand the difference between proof and alcohol percentage? Yes No
Do you mind drinking from a plastic football? Yes No
How about from a cowboy boot? Yes No
Bottle Service... the best thing eva!
...should be killed with fire.